7 Burak Özçivit Looks That Prove His Incredible Versatility

Kurulus Osman Star Burak’s Unseen Pictures

7 Burak Özçivit Looks That Prove His Incredible Versatility
Burak Özçivit

Burak Özçivit, who is famous for his historical drama series Kurulus: Osman, has a totally versatile vibe which is apparent on his social media. Here are some photos of the Turkish star, which is ruling the screens worldwide. 

Burak Özçivit’s popularity has soared after he was seen in Kulrulus Osman but looking at his Instagram, we are shocked than we didn’t know about him sooner! The popular actor shares his different looks on his social media profile and we can’t help but applaud his diversity. 

Here is a photo of Burak with messy hair tied loosely in a bun, with a full grown beard, strikingly different from what we have seen and gotten used to on screen.

Burak Özçivit also shared a picture of him sporting a mustache on an otherwise clean-shaven face; he looks like a completely different person! 

While at the subject of different person, take a look at this wedding photo of him with his wife. 

Burak is a proud dad and often shared pictures with his small family; here is a cute video of them, with his wife and son color coordinating with him. 

We can’t stop swooning over this dapper look, which are worlds apart from his warrior look in Kulrulus Osman. 

Can you guess who is this handsome hunk in a leather jacket and slicked back hair? 

These were some of our favorite looks of Burak Özçivit. Did we miss something?

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