7 Pakistani Actresses Whose Eyes Say It All

Renowned actresses with beautiful eyes: Agree or disagree?

7 Pakistani Actresses Whose Eyes Say It All
Pakistani actresses with big beautiful eyes

A famous quote said, ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul’ which is true in any way. Many Pakistani celebrities have captivated their fans’ hearts by their charming eyes. Eyes are considered to be the most important feature of any actress. It plays a vital role in dialogue delivery. A wide variety of emotions and expressions can be conveyed through the beauteous eyes. Have a look at few amazing actresses with such charming eyes.

Minal Khan

Actress Minal Khan has those bulging eyes which are perfect for the drama industry. Well, Aiman could also be included but Minal has taken an edge. Her expressive eyes steal the show and add substance to her photo shoots!

minal khan

Maya Ali

The ‘Parey Hut love’ superstar is simply loved for her acting and almond-shaped eyes. Maya can do the expression work very well with her eyes and doesn’t need verbal communication much!

maya ali

Mahira Khan

During the start of Mahira’s career, she opted for an advertisement. You must be thinking how it is interlinked? Actually, in that ad, her eyes were closely captured which looked angelic. If we say, that her success is attributed to her eyes and eye-color then it would not be wrong!

mahira khan tuc biscuit

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Sunita Marshal

Actress and model Sunita Marshal is loved for her big round eyes. She makes sure that her eyes stand out the most in still-photography. Her mesmerizing eyes can do the talking, so no need to have words!

sunita marshal

Saboor Aly

Addition of mascara to those big beautiful eyes can complete her look. We all know and love her for those perfect eye shapes though she does not take advantage of them like her sister Sajal does!

saboor aly

Yumna Zaidi

The Pyar ke Sadqay star Yumna Zaidi looks adorable with those naturally endowed eyes that can put Dora the explorer to shame.

yumna zaidi

Sarah Khan

Talented Sarah Khan captivated millions of hearts over her big black eyes. To enhance the beauty of her eyes, her eyebrows do the left out work!

sara khan