7 Things You Should Avoid Using On Your Face

What to use and what not to use on your face? It's Confusing

7 Things You Should Avoid Using On Your Face
7 Things You Should Avoid Using On Your Face

A lot of contradictory information is available out there about what is supposedly good or bad for your skin, with a ton of it coming from DIY blogs and untested "healthy living" sites. There are certain things which you can put on your skin while on the other hand; some things are just baseless or harmful for your face. If you really wish to take care of your skin then we have are providing information on what “Not” to put on your face.

  • Use of Hot water

The first and foremost thing is to avoid hot water on your face as it leads to the loss of moisture which can make your skin dry.


  • Application of soaps

This might seem new to you but it is true that soaps can dry out your skin making it rough, itchy and inflamed.

  • Body lotions

Some women have a habit of applying body lotions on their face too. Well, this can cause allergic reactions and breakouts as body lotions are oilier, thicker and have more fragrance. Hence, avoid them completely on your face.

  • Lemon

As lemons contain citric acid which can cause chemical burns. If you wish to apply anything then use potato or tomato instead.

  • Shampoo and shower gel

Your shampoo which drips down on your face can make your skin dry and flaky. Hence, limit it to your hair only.

  • Baking soda

Our skin has a naturally acidic pH that helps keep the protective lipid layer intact, and when you introduce a highly alkaline substance like baking soda, it can damage that layer. It can leave your skin dry so it’s better to avoid it.

  • Mint

Mint is an ingredient that you'll find in a lot "morning burst" kind of skin care products that are designed to wake you up and refresh you. Although, mint has menthol, peppermint and spear mint which makes it a skin-irritant. If you have problems with redness, acne, or any other type of sensitive skin problem, products containing mint will likely only make it worse.

The world of skin care can be a vast and confusing place. If you wish to take care of your skin then spare some time out to understand specific ingredients and what they actually will do to your face. 0048onestly, a little research can make a big difference!