A Repairing Solution For Fried Hair

Don't worry, fried hair could be restored just with some special care.

A Repairing Solution For Fried Hair
A repairing solution for fried hair

When we keep on experimenting with the hair, highlights, low lights, or streaks add an unusual filmy texture to it. However, fried hair is a bleach that is gone bad on hair. Drenching hair in oil and waking up with the same dried hair is a worrisome problem. If you're in a similar stage of life right now, first of all, do not panic. It can be cured. There are ways to make your hair come back to the original state and texture. All that just needs attention and care. Here's how hopelessly fried hair could be restored. 

Hair Masking For A Recovery :

Starting a hair mask routine is a way to recovery of fried hair. If you make your hair go through some of the processes that include curling, straightening or colouring, your hair needs a nourishing mask just like the body needs water. The process takes time; maybe the results will not be instant, but once in a week, hair requires a mask that provides moisture for the path of recovery. Yoghurt, coconut oil and egg is the hair mask that suits every hair for a good pampering session. 

Hair Masking For A Recovery

Slow Down On The Shampoo :

It may make you nervous, but putting shampoo on the hair every single day can strip off the moisture from the strands. At first, it's difficult to go shampoo free for few days. But conditioner could be used to make the hair presentable and lock the moisture from it; keep the shampoo twice a week, or sometimes thrice would be fine too. 

Slow Down On The Shampoo

Say Goodbye To Heat Styling :

Styling tools make the hair so gorgeous that we get obsessed with it and depend on them as a temporary solution to bad hair day. But in reality, it's a culprit for fried hair. Say farewell to heating tools until the fried hair gets into the right texture.

Say Goodbye To Heat Styling
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