A Tribute To Tragedy King Dilip Kumar

India and Pakistan, unites in grief for the great Dilip Kumar.

A Tribute To Tragedy King Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar was India’s finest actor who passed away on Wednesday morning after prolonged illness. Kumar, originally belonged to Peshawar Pakistan and got famous for his roles as a tragic hero. His looks caught attention and won many hearts. Tousled hair and deep voice made Dilip Kumar recognised apart from others. Born in Peshawar, Kumar’s birth name was Yousaf Khan before his family migrated to India. Amongst his remembered work includes Mughal e Azam. Later, Kumar also took part in politics to end the feud between India and Pakistan. 

The actor married Saira Banu who stood with him through thick and thin, till his last day. 

Actor Dharmendra shared how wife of the late actor reacted when he met her for condolence. He tweeted about his feeling for the great actor and Saira Banu’s heart touching words, he revealed that the Saira Banu’s reaction was heart breaking when she said “ Jaan nikal gaye meri” (my life has been taken away).


Shahrukh Khan sheds tears at Kumar’s funeral. 

Shahrukh Khan was considered as a son by Dilip Kumar and his wife, a picture is going viral on internet where Shahrukh Khan is seen consoling Saira Banu while shedding tears next to the remains of Dilip Kumar, both shared an emotional moment which was captured and went viral on internet.

Shahrukh khan 
Zayn Malik unexpectedly shared a memory with Dilip Kumar 

Not just the Prime minister of Pakistan and India shared their condolences for the late actor, internationally people are sharing their interactions with the late actor. Zayn Malik posted a photograph on Instagram and wrote “Abu with Dilip Kumar” that shows how Dilip Kumar captivated audience world wide with his charm. The post was also shared by Zayn Malik’s grandfather on Instagram. 

zayn Malik


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