‘Aamir Khan Spread Rumors About My Mental Illness’ Says Brother Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan was declared mentally stable and normal by the Court

‘Aamir Khan Spread Rumors About My Mental Illness’ Says Brother Faisal Khan
Aamir and Faisal Khan

Since a couple of days, Aamir Khan’s long-forgotten brother Faisal Khan has surfaced on the internet as he reveals a series of allegations and debunked the rumors of his mental illness which were spread by his elder brother in an interview. 

Faisal, who appeared in the movie Mela back in 2000, has alleged that he was kept under house arrest for one year by his family. He also added that he was given wrong medications.

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Giving a recent interview, he opened up and said, “When the family felt that I was depressed and had paranoid schizophrenia, they kept me under house arrest for one year and gave me forceful medication. It is illegal but I was taking all this quietly because I thought that the family will realise at some point, that if I am mad, I will show it in some way. I thought I should be patient till they come to their senses that they are troubling me for no reason.”   

However, when Faisal was asked to give up on his signatory rights, he fled and filed a legal battle against his family. He further said that the court verdict and JJ Hospital’s evaluation proved that he was normal.

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In an unearthed interview in 2008 after the court’s verdict, Faisal claimed, “Frankly, I was never ill.. what has been said so far was speculative and spread by my elder brother Aamir Khan and other family members. In fact, I was kidnapped.. I was under house arrest, unwanted drugs were given to me. On the judgment day, judge saab announced that I’m not suffering from any illness.. and that I’m normal and capable of handling life on my own. I should be treated as a normal person.”

God knows what’s true as the 3 Idiots superstar gave a statement in 2007 where he had said that his brother has been declared mentally ill by the doctors of JJ Hospital.   

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