Abrar Ul Haq’s “Baby Shark” Comment Sparks Debate On Social Media

Abrar ul Haq received mixed feedback from his recent statement.

Abrar Ul Haq’s “Baby Shark” Comment Sparks Debate On Social Media
Abrar Ul Haq

Recently Abrar Ul Haq, while speaking at the event of the celebratory convention at Islamabad’s Convention Centre, made controversial remarks. It was Abrar Ul Haq’s remarks on mothers playing nursery rhymes for young children that caused the uproar on social media. The singer turned politician commented, “When we used to be young, we got to listen to the Kalma being recited by our mothers. Today's kids are handed cellphones so that mothers can play them 'Baby Shark'. 

Netizens had divided opinions about the statement, some went in favour of the “Billo kay Ghar” singer, but some were against it too. 

Nadia Hussain

Stars also fell in the whole controversy and giving the opinion Nadia Hussain commented, “Not sure how you go from listening to the Kalma from your mother to belting out song such as 'Nach Punjaban' or 'Billo De Ghar,’ she referred to the most famous songs of him. 

Yasir Hussain also appreciated Nadia Hussain’s comment and wrote, “You've hit the nail on the head. Good one!" 

According to Nadia Hussain, Abrar ul Haq’s statement is humiliating mothers for not raising their children properly. 

While many criticised the singer for his comments, Zarnish Khan had a mature way to deal with the matter.

 Jumping on the bandwagon, Zarnish Khan commented that people should appreciate if someone is saying a good thing, instead of ignoring his point and judging his whole life over the statement; if it goes like this, we all have to practice how to be tongue-tied.


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In the recent times, Pakistani celebrities are too vocal to correct each other in their statements. Moreover, Abrar Ul Haq owned his statement instead of further explanations over it; perhaps he never intended to humiliate any mother. 


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