Acne Triggers That We Don't Notice

Revealing all the unknown causes of acne.

Acne Triggers That We Don't Notice
Acne triggers that we don't notice

You have been using all the right products that promise clear skin, cut down the shamed food for causing acne and follow a skincare routine religiously. But the acne keeps on showing, and you blame your teenage or hormones for the cause. However, the truth behind the appearance of acne could be something more than that or even something so less that goes unnoticed but triggers the acne. The hidden factors contributing to triggering acne is probably not in the knowledge of every person. To figure out what unknown factors are causing spots plaguing your skin. We are disclosing unknown acne triggers. 

The Pillowcase You Sleep On Might Be The Cause :

Your face is placed into the pillow all night while you sleep. Unchanged pillowcases hold a massive amount of bacteria in them. Not changing your pillowcase on time is basically having collective bacteria at a point that can harm the skin when kept on the pillow. The thin skin of your face is, in fact, sensitive, and it could be triggered by bacteria in the pillowcases. Apart from washing, the pillowcases often switch to silk pillow covers.

The pillowcase you sleep on might be the cause.  

Ingredients In The Skincare Products :

We buy skincare products something blindly trusting them to heal everything on our skin. Some skincare ingredient, such as comedogenic, act as a pore clogger that seals pores on the skin. It could be found in sunscreens, cleansers and even moisturiser. Try using products that are anti comedogenic. 

Ingredients in the skincare products.

It Is Necessary To Take Off The Makeup :

Sleeping with your make up on is a sin for skincare. Makeup left on the skin overnight clogs the pores ending up in acne. The bacteria, through make up builds upon the skin, and it ends up into acne. The layer of dirt and bacteria has to be cleaned with a makeup remover and proper cleanser.

It is necessary to take off the makeup.


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