Actors Are Public Figures, Not Public Property, Says Maya Ali

Maya Ali sent a message to those who criticize actors on social media.

Actors Are Public Figures, Not Public Property, Says Maya Ali
Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf in Time Out With Ahsan Khan

Maya Ali joined fellow actor Bilal Ashraf in the show Time Out With Ahsan, where she opens up about the social issues, including showbiz.

In the show, Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf also participated in different segments, and in one segment, Bilal Ashraf revealed that even if Mahira Khan is texted on her mobile, she responds a week later, but if she texted 'Hello' then she can talk for 4 to 5 hours.

Talking to the host, Maya Ali said that her name was associated with Osman Khalid Butt and then with Sheheryar Munawwar when she came into acting.

Maya Ali said that because of her chemistry with Osman Khalid Butt, people associated her name with him, and later when she worked with Sheheryar Munawar in other projects, including Parey Hut Love, the other rumor came in.

She said that she has good chemistry with all the actors she worked with, and such actors include Bilal Ashraf and Ali Zafar.

The two actors also spoke openly about showbiz, and Bilal Ashraf said that he did not intend to produce any film shortly but could do so in the future.

When he was asked if there would be news of Maya Ali's wedding this year, the Superstar actor replied ‘NO’.

Maya ali

When Maya Ali was asked if the news of Bilal Ashraf's marriage could come this year, the actress replied in the affirmative and said that he is her friend and she knows everything about him.

During the program, Maya Ali gave a special message to the critics of showbiz personalities on social media that their criticism sometimes affect the actors' hearts, so before criticizing, think about what you are writing.

The actress clarified that it is true that actors are public figures, but that does not mean that they are public property.

Maya Ali advised people to understand the difference between a public figure and public property and remember that they only see what the actors want to show.

Maya Ali said that as an actor, she has no objection to anyone's criticism, but as a person, she has an objection to being subjected to personal criticism, and no one has the right to interfere in anyone's private life.


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