Actors Came Forward To Help Naila Jaffery

Naila Jaffery is one of the most popular actresses of 90s

Actors Came Forward To Help Naila Jaffery
Naila Jaffery

Actors also came forward to help Naila Jaffery, a senior actress suffering from cancer, after the dramas were re-aired, and the actors were also reimbursed and appealed for financial help.

Naila Jaffery has been battling cancer for the past five years and was recently hospitalized with an infection.

She is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer but was hospitalized due to an infection.

After she was admitted to hospital, a video of her came out, in which she was begging for help.

Naila Jaffery did not explicitly ask for financial help from showbiz personalities or TV owners, but she demanded that actors whose dramas are re-broadcast should also be reimbursed.

The actress had said that a TV channel aired one of her plays six times in five years, but she was paid only once.

The actress became emotional in the video, after which her video went viral.

After the actress's video went viral, the Sindh Ministry of Culture had announced its support for Naila Jaffery and assured to bear all the expenses of the actress' treatment.

And now actors Mikaal Zulfiqar and Yasir Hussain have also come forward to help Naila Jaffery.

Mikaal Zulfiqar and Yasir Hussain supported the actress's demand and said that TV owners should be compensated for re-broadcasting dramas or running them on other sites, including YouTube.

Mikaal Zulfiqar praised the Sindh government for announcing its support to Naila Jaffery and said that TV owners needed to reimburse the actors if they re-broadcast the drama. 

According to Mikaal Zulfiqar, TV owners should compensate actors, directors and producers, and actors every time, and now the process of compensation should be changed.

Mikaal Zulfiqar has earlier demanded that the TV owners reimburse the actors for re-broadcasting the drama.

Actor Yasir Hussain also said about Naila Jaffery's situation that it is a shame for TV people and actors.

Mikaal zulfiqar insta screen shots

Yasir Hussain wrote that alas, alas, then we say that we fear God and fear of life after death.

Like the two actors, other showbiz personalities also raised their voices favouring Naila Jaffery's situation.

It may be recalled that Naila Jaffery has been ill since 2016 and was initially diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later with gastric cancer.

Naila Jaffery was reportedly hospitalized in critical condition 4 years ago in 2017 due to the third stage of cancer.

The actress was later discharged after being kept in the hospital for some time. However, she has been undergoing treatment since 2016 and is admitted to the hospital from time to time.

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