Actors Who Entirely Transformed Themselves For The Movie

It requires guts to prove yourself a 'TRUE actor'

Actors Who Entirely Transformed Themselves For The Movie
Christian Bale

Numerous actors are working adroitly, but there are a few artists, who have turned their life upside down to obtain a particular character. They have potted their utmost effort and will always be remembered for their brilliant transformation, like gaining weight, starving, and many more. 

HNH Style brings you artists whose performances are speechless in the film.

Christian Bale — The Machinist

Christian Bale worked hard in the latter movie. He essayed the role of an insomniac psychic operator who has not slept for months. For indulging in Trevor Reznik’s character, he lost 63 lb. The producer confesses that Christian wanted to go down to 100lb, but they did not let him do it as this would be risky for his health. The funny thing is that he enjoyed losing his weight; therefore, he was keen to lose more. Later, Bale gained his weight back for the next movie Batman in Batman Begins.

Christian Bale

Matthew Mc Conaughey — Dallas Buyers Club

The Oscar-winning actor Matthew had to lose up to 47lbs to perform as an AIDS patient. He said that it was tough to lose 160lb at once. He was following a strict diet, eating boiled fish and taking proteins. Matthew quoted that he probably “lost 35% of his energy.”

Matthew Mc Conaughey

Edward Norton — American History X

Edward Norton went bald to appear in the movie American History X. He played Derek, a criminal who was in prison for three years. The talented actor was on a complete protein diet and consumed seven times a day to get the muscular body. 

Edward Norton

Marlon Brando — The Godfather

Marlon Brando was inspired by a real-life gangster Frank Costello for this remarkable performance, copying his distinctive voice. Apart from losing weight, the actor stuffed cotton in his cheeks. He wore a mouthpiece and a lot of makeup to look older. He was awarded the second Oscar for his phenomenal performance in the movie.

Marlon Brando

Elle Fanning — Three Generations 

Elle plays the role of a transgender person in the movie. In the film, she donned men’s clothing and short hair. She is named Ray, who is looking for acceptance from her mother and grandmother about her true identity. Her performance was undoubtedly tremendous, which stands her high with other Hollywood stars.

Elle Fanning

Rooney Mara — The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara had to lose a lot of weight for her role as Lisbeth Salander. The strange thing is that the film producer David Fincher never asked for it. Still, the dedicated artist herself wanted to give the character a skinny look. To indulge in the character, she got all the piercings in real. Rooney was playing a role of a hacker in the movie who was sexually and emotionally abused.

Rooney Mara

Tom Hanks — Cast Away

The brilliant actor lost weight and grew a good long beard and hair to get the intense look. 
He played the role of a mentally retarded survivor lost on an island after the plane crash. His performance was phenomenal in the movie and made the audience cry.

Tom Hanks

Robert De Niro — Raging Bull

The actor De Niro played the character as professional boxer Jake LaMotta. He gained 60lbs and went through strenuous training to get the personality of the boxer.

Robert De Niro

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