Add Goodness Of Neem To Your Skincare Routine

Neem - A power herb with many benefits!

Add Goodness Of Neem To Your Skincare Routine
Neem - as a skincare product

Neem – a power herb that is beneficial for your hair and skin-related problems. From combating pimples, acne and chicken pox marks to reducing dandruff and frizzy hair; it is indeed an instant remedy!

Do you wish a beautiful glowing skin? Well, it won’t come without putting any effort. You need to include neem in order to pamper your skin apart from healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.  

Here we have two ways to utilize neem in your beauty routine that will work wonders.

Neem Face Pack

Mild skin problems such as rashes, irritation, burns and infections can be healed by using a neem face pack.  Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in nourishing dry skin.

To make a nourishing face pack you only require two tablespoons of neem and sandalwood powder. Form a paste by adding one tablespoon of rose water. Apply and leave the face pack for 20 minutes. Wash with clean water and wipe clean.

neem sandalwood

Here’s another easy neem face pack for you – neem paste with turmeric powder! It will bring back your skin’s natural glow.  Wanna try?

neem turmeric

Neem as a skin cleanser

As we discussed earlier, neem has anti-bacterial properties that will check out for acne, pimples and black/ white heads in your skin. Excess oil and dirt can also be removed if you use neem as a skin cleanser. The best way is to make a DIY skin toner for your skin using neem.

All you need is a handful of neem leaves boiled in half a litre of water – until it turns green. Let it cool down and then strain. Store in a bottle and use a cotton dab to apply on your face daily. 

neem skin toner

Have you ever used neem on your face? Do let us know your reviews in the comment section below.

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