Adnan Sami Khan Goes On A Twitter Rant About Not Being Invited To A PAF Event

Adnan Sami Khan Is Still Caught Between Two Worlds!

Adnan Sami Khan Goes On A Twitter Rant  About Not Being Invited To A PAF Event
Adnan Sami Khan

Adnan Sami Khan, famously known as Major Adnan Sami in Pakistan, as part of a hilarious and sarcastic campaign against the disgraced singer, is no stranger to controversy. The singer is back in the thick of things with another one of his famous rants on Twitter.

What else can we expect from a guy who has not been able to get any prominence in India for a very long time and is reduced to hot-headed rants on social media to stay relevant? It seems the singer is back to his mischievous best in order to stay in the headlines and this time he has something negative to say about the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). 

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The Pakistani-turned-Indian citizen has never been completely owned by the Indians and is a disgraced figure in Pakistan. He is now back on Twitter and complained that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) did not invite his mother and widow of PAF's Squadron leader Arshad Sami Khan, to a Defence Day event for the second year in a row. 

Why would the Pakistan Air Force invite anyone from this disgraced singer's family after he continuously spews venom against Pakistan, its citizens, and its institutions? It seems that the idea is somehow lost on Mr. Adnan Sami who kept ranting on Twitter throughout the day in a fit of rage. 

Adnan Sami Khan Goes On A Twitter Rant  About Not Being Invited To A PAF Event

The Indian citizen took to Twitter and posted an open letter to the Pakistan Air Forces, which, we are pretty sure, would have been completely ignored by the PAF as they have more pressing matters to deal with, than the rants of a disgraced former citizen. 

He said that since he had renounced his Pakistani citizenship and embraced Indian citizenship, the PAF stopped inviting his mother to the event. Well duh! 

The singer, in his fit of rage and pettiness, expressed his anger and frustration at the PAF over what he believes is a disservice to his family. Perhaps somebody needs to remind Adnan Sami Khan that he has done a great disservice to the entire Pakistani nation whenever he has opened his mouth to spew hateful comments about the country that gave him everything, 

The singer demeaned and maligned the PAF in his lengthy open letter. Towards the end of the letter, he said that he is proud of becoming an Indian citizen because they 'respect their heroes.' Perhaps somebody needs to once again jog Adnan Sami's memory to Abhinandan who was stripped of his title after crash landing in Pakistan and being returned safely to India as a goodwill gesture.

The singer managed to receive some love from India over his hateful comments:

 However, Pakistanis gave Adnan Sami a befitting reply:

 Adnan Sami Khan's father was  Arshad Sami Khan, a Pakistani Air Force veteran and diplomat of Pashtun origin. 

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