Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss: Running and Jogging

Are you ready to burn some calories Post-lock down?

Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss: Running and Jogging
Aerobic Exercises to do!

Running and jogging are the two forms of cardiovascular exercises which have some common benefits and differences that keep them apart. In order to cut down your weight, it is necessary to know the similarities and differences first in terms of intensity and calories burnt. After reading this article, you can easily pick your choice for weight loss.

Common health benefits of running and jogging

You may be surprised after knowing the common health benefits of each form of these cardiovascular exercises.

  • These exercises can greatly increase your stamina and endurance.
  • Can make your heart and lungs work properly.
  • Can help in reducing weight.
  • May improve your mood and boost confidence.
  • Help you in getting better sleep.
  • Increase bone density and make your joints strong.
  • Provide you energy to fight various diseases.

Running or sprinting 

Running usually occurs at 8 mph and requires a steady rhythm. Taking a longer stride with fast arm movements and touching the ground with the ball of your foot always. Landing on your heels can cause you injury.


Post-running, you will require more energy (calories) to recover up till 48 hours. Do you know from where your body will recover? Yes, the stored energy resulting in fat reduction.

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Jogging is done at a moderate pace of 3-7 mph. It is best for people with longer legs with bouncing movement. Just as in the case of running, jogging also requires you to land on the ball of your foot otherwise it can cause an injury too. But, due to the slow pace the chances of injury is less likely.


Let’s have a quick comparison between the calories burnt during both exercises. According to the research, running can burn up to 170 calories while jogging can burn 90 calories in 10 minutes. So, which one you will opt for?

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