After 25 Years Photographer Shares Jennifer Aniston’s throwback Iconic 1995 Shot

Photographer Mark Seliger Looks Back After 25 years of the Photoshoot

After 25 Years Photographer Shares Jennifer Aniston’s throwback Iconic 1995 Shot
Jennifer Aniston's Iconic Photoshoot in 1995

Jennifer Aniston catapulted to fame with her major role in FRIENDS and then never looked back.

Back in 1995, The Bruce Almighty actress was clicked by a remarkable photographer Mark Seliger in an iconic Black and white portrait. The fans went gaga over it and captivated millions of hearts.

Recently, the photographer Mark Seliger was interviewed by InStyle where he talked about the experience of getting that perfect spell-bounding imagery.

Talking about Jennifer, Mark said, “Jennifer Aniston is a very down to earth, funny, easy person to work with.”

Mark revealed that he and Jennifer had practiced for that perfect pose together before the final capture.

He said, “That pose was something I’d worked out in a pre-light, and I thought it would keep it very organic and classic feeling. I wanted to have a sense of formality to it, and the pose just seemed to work out really well.”

He also praised Aniston’s Hairstylist Chris McMillan who styled her “just right.”

"We shot a lot of different pictures, but that one really seemed to be the great takeaway," Seliger added. "It was a breakout time for her, and [the photo] really showed her as this very open, strong person. I think it kind of captured who she was."

Sharing his work experience with Jennifer Aniston, Mark said, “It’s so much about trust and connection, and that’s kind of who she is. If she doesn’t like something, she’s going to tell you; if she loves something, she’s going to sing your praises. We just have a good batting average. It’s a process of making interesting imagery and she’s particular, but very open to sharing her ideas. She’s always been like that. I’ve given her a lot of crazy ideas, and she’s always been open to trying, even though some of them don’t work out. She’s always there and very willing to go along with it."