After Sparking Engagement Rumours, Asim Azhar Breaks The Silence

Asim and Meerub - Is there a new couple in town??

After Sparking Engagement Rumours, Asim Azhar Breaks The Silence
Asim Azhar

Singer Asim Azhar and fashion model Meerub Ali were seen together in some videos just like any other celebrity friends but rumours are tattling that both are now engaged in an intimate ceremony. The fans were in awe of the new couple and the videos of Asim Azhar and Merub Ali singing together or their pictures together went viral as the news buzzed on internet. 

The good news is yet to be confirmed. 

Asim Azhar neither accepted nor denied the news in his recent post.

Asim Azhar 
After the gossip pages posted Asim Azhar’s good news a screenshot of Ghalat Fehmi singer also started to make rounds on social media .According to the first screenshot that gone viral, Asim denied the news of engagement and stated that Merub Ali is just like a sister and added that these rumours are causing trouble to his family. The fans who got their hopes high for the new celebrity couple were upset over such rumour but the singer’s another statement again puzzled them. 

Asim Azhar again took his social media to deny the fake chat. 

Fans are now completely puzzled after Asim Azhar addresses the issue officially. 

“Screenshot of my chat with a fan on social media is fake, I have never had such a conversation with a fan.” The singer intended to clear the air for the fans but ended up puzzling them more since the news is still not confirmed nor denied. 

Merub Ali on the other hand remained silent on the news. Merub and Asim were spotted together as they are mutual friends with Hania Amir and after digging more, fans got to know their mothers are close friends too. Fans are now manifesting affection for this couple and secretly hoping for the news to come out as truth. 

Merub Ali


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