Ahmed Shah Sends Love To Yoyo Honey Singh

Ahmed Shah Sends A Video Message to Honey Singh

Ahmed Shah Sends Love To Yoyo Honey Singh
Cuteness Cum Sweetness. Ahmed Sends Love To Yoyo Honey Singh

World has witnessed the love for so many times but Ahmed Shah has taken it to a next level. Jeeto Pakistan's cute little celebrity sent a video message to Yoyo Honey Singh in which he showered his love for the Indian Rap King, Yoyo Honey Singh.

Cute Ahmad said in his pathani accent, "Hi, Yoyo Honey Singh, Big Brother, You're great. I Love you. Muah" and gave a flying kiss.


Mera chota sa pyara sa super star boy @cuteahmadshah01 ❤️❤️❤️

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It is observed in Jeeto Pakistan that Ahmed receives so many flying kisses from celebrities and return the favor in his cute style but in this video message, he sounds so cute. Even Honey Singh posted his video message on his Instagram account with the caption, "My Little Cute Super Star Boy".

The Pathani boy was accompanied by his younger brother Omer Shah while delivering the message, who is not lesser cute than anyone. These boys have set the standards so high and introduced a new category in showbiz industry which will be named as 'Cute Angels.'

This gesture of cute Ahmed Shah shows the mindset of Pakistanis that how we are taught to love and respect.

The Thalaiva singer pays the same good will gesture to Little Ahmed Shah by admiring his fanship and sending him love back.

This world is a gift of God and we should not let any positivity ignored by considering it small.

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