Ahsan Khan Is Looking Forward To Becoming A Director

The actor has confirmed to step into the direction field.

Ahsan Khan Is Looking Forward To Becoming A Director
Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan has been ruling over the screens for years, and we have seen him in the most versatile way of acting and phenomenal performances. Ahsan Khan was applauded for his remarkable work in “Udaari” in a negative role, and recently we can see him on screens hosting a famous show named “Time out with Ahsan Khan”. 

Ahsan Reveales His Plan On Another Show 

Recently we saw Ahsan Khan on the “Mazedaar show” aired on TV One and hosted by Faizan Sheikh and Adeel Amjad. The duo asked Ahsan khan if he had further plans about his career in the industry and his plans for direction. 

Ahsan revealed he is currently director of a fashion video which is a video song. The actor replied while spilling the beans, “I am shooting for a fashion video. It is a video song that I am directing, and I will first watch it and then decide if I am giving my to it as a director. It is a video that I am doing for a amazing brand so let’s see how it turns out.”

It has been an excellent year for Ahsan Khan, work-wise. 

It can easily be said that Ahsan Khan is doing it all. He has a movie coming up in the cinemas soon, hosting a very highlighted show and just got done with a super hit drama, “Qayamat”. Now we can not wait to see Khan showing his seamless skills in the field of direction. Ahsan Khan has been blessed with a successful year, and it is ideally the time where he can try his luck in direction as well. His upcoming fashion video will surely tell us how he used his talent to direct the video and how his forthcoming direction projects will look like. 


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