Ali Zafar Highlights His Point Of View After The Recent Parliament Chaos

Celebrity Singer Gives A Short Message After Ruckus breakouts in National Assembly.

Ali Zafar Highlights His Point Of View After The Recent Parliament Chaos
Ali Zafar

The assembly turned into a mess after an outbreak of chaos upon the presentation of budget proposals by Imran Khan’s government. The embarrassing scenes from National Assembly got viral all over the internet and people saw pitiful situation of aggression between the opposition parties. 

To Give Two Cents On The Situation Ali Zafar Also Tweeted 

Famous “Rockstar" singer Ali Zafar is actively involved on social media. He talks about the current affairs and usually interact with his fans through live session, comments or tweets. On this recent brawl, the singer tweeted on Instagram saying, “ The parliament is representative of the people”. 

Ali zafar

The singing sensation and actor Ali Zafar clearly indicates a deep message behind this tweet about the people sitting in parliament 

The continuous aggression between the two parties is seen, either it is in a live talk show, during election campaigns or even the honourable National Assembly of Pakistan. Slogans, shouting and desk thumping are sadly very common activities in the National Assembly. The treasury members in fact walked out of the parliament due to lack of quorum in the house. Despite the deep decision and suggestion over the bill seeking, an open Senate vote remained unresolved. 

The political parties are supporters of democracy and their attitude during the lawful meeting or opposition beyond conclusions is ruining the democratic process. 

Ali Zafar Received Re-Shared And Likes On His Tweets 

The singer has been appreciated for communicating the situation from which the country goes to. He shows true spirit of patriotism and doesn’t stay behind giving his opinion about any situation that goes on. Either it’s the fuss in Assembly or Cricket we will find Ali Zafar giving his two cents about situation of his country. 

Ali zafar


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