Ali Zafar - If Bhai would be the Prime Minister

Bhai Hazir Hai For Fighting The Covid-19

Ali Zafar - If Bhai would be the Prime Minister
Ali Zafar and Imran Khan

We all have witnessed, Bhai (AZ) is always available in need. Regardless, if it's a new PSL song or the worldwide pandemic, Covid-19.

Channo singer made this impression in PSL 5 when the official song of the franchise had been rejected by the audience. Hashtag BHAI HAZIR HAI (#BhaiHazirHai) has played a vital role in the success of Mela Loot Liya.

Who knows that Bhai has the guts to suggest the solution as a Prime Minister of Pakistan and why he shouldn't? He always comes up for his fans and motherland at national and international platforms.

In an Instagram story, AZ responded to a query asked by his fan, which said, "If you were PM what will you do in current situation??"

Here the Bhai Comes...

He mentioned 6 bullets which are highly recommended. We trust our authorities and their will towards the solution of this Covid-19 outbreak but we also can't neglect the importance of 6 points, highlighted by Ali Zafar.

It is our immense responsibility to take care of our less privileged brothers. We would say, leave the society, start from your own family. Society will be catered automatically.

Stay at Home and Be Safe.

We All Love You Bhai