Ali Zafar Will Be Bringing K Pop To Pakistan

Dyed his hair purple, the ‘rockstar’ singer is working on Korean Pop music.

Ali Zafar Will Be Bringing K Pop To Pakistan
Ali Zafar

The singer hyped up the K pop fans with his post posing in purple hair. After just one post the K pop fans army started raiding Ali Zafar’s Twitter with questions. The singer shared his funky look with dazzling ripped jeans, jacket and the obvious shade of purple in his hair. 

Ali Zafar promised something special coming up on Eid. 


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With sharing the pictures on his Twitter, he captioned the post with “K-Pop in Pakistan” which clears out that there is a new collaboration coming soon featuring K-pop. One post was enough for fans to dig more about what’s cooking. Ali Zafar teases the audience more with another post that stated “Onset! Get ready for something smashing this Eid”.

Fans are really impressed and excited for something unique coming up, thanks to Ali Zafar.

Korean music is becoming a popular genre in Pakistan. 

K pop is a popular form of music that holds a huge following around the globe. The fans in Pakistan are devoted to the Korean bands especially the BTS, which is a seven members boy band. This band is immensely popular in Pakistan. The fans in Pakistan connect to the Korean language in these songs. In fact you can switch on the radio to listen to some of the popular BTS hits. Ali Zafar shook the fans with his phenomenal idea of collaborating with Korean pop music. Fans are showing excitement over the upcoming project of Ali Zafar, and tweeting about few suggestions and questions about the collaboration. Furthermore, Ali Zafar posted on Instagram posing in silver jacket with caption “Yo. So here’s what I’m excited about New single dropping this Eid! #GameBunGayi. 

Shugal ke liye tayyar ho jao.


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