Amazon Prime Apologizes For Showing Controversial Content In Tandav

Amazon Prime has apologized unconditionally to Indian viewers for showing controversial content in the web series Tandav.

Amazon Prime Apologizes For Showing Controversial Content In Tandav

Reuters, the British news agency said, "Amazon Prime Video apologized to viewers whose feelings were hurt by particular scenes."

"The company will continue to produce content while respecting the audience's diverse cultures and beliefs," it added.

A senior Indian police official, speaking on anonymity, said that authorities would continue to investigate the matter.

It may be recalled that members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and others had lodged defamation petitions against the Tandav team at various police stations over the controversial material.

Tandav protest

After people objected to a scene, the 'Tandav' team also apologized to the public and announced removing the said scene.

People had objected to a scene in which actor Zeeshan Ayub was portrayed as a Hindu deity 'Shiv' during a stage performance.

In the said scene, the actor had uttered some inappropriate phrases as 'Shiva', which was opposed by Hindu followers, and the scene was called an insult to the Hindu religion and deity.

Tandav Shiva controversy

Indian police later interrogated the streaming website Amazon Prime for about four hours for showing controversial material in the political thriller.

Even before Tandav, some scenes in Bollywood movies, including Netflix and Amazon's web series or films, have been accused by Indians for insulting the Hindu religion and deities.

Tandav, released in January 2021, is a political thriller series starring Saif Ali Khan, Zeeshan Ayub, and Dimple Kapadia. While its direction is given by a Muslim director Ali Abbas Zafar.

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