Ameer Gilani And Saheefa Jabbar Khattak Become Latest Victims Of COVID19

The actor duo is self-isolating after testing positive

Ameer Gilani And Saheefa Jabbar Khattak Become Latest Victims Of COVID19
Ameer Gilani and Saheefa Jabbar Khattak

The second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan is gaining momentum and taking everyone in its path. People are cautious about the pandemic affecting their livelihood for the second time in the year and while everyone is doing their level best to follow the SOPs and exercise caution, the virus is still managing to affect hordes of people. 

Among them are actors Ameer Gilani and Saheefa Jabbar Khattak who have unfortunately caught the deadly virus and announced the sad news via their social media handles. The Pakistani entertainment industry, and the entertainment industry worldwide, has been one of the most affected during this year's first and second waves of COVID19 and it looks like the industry is far from saying adieu to the virus. 

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Saheefa Jabbar Khattak and Ameer Gilani are the latest to join a growing list of celebs that have fallen prey to what seems like the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Log Kya Kahenge star and one of Pakistan's most adored actors from the current crop announced her diagnosis on her Instagram Story early on Tuesday. She said:

“Covid positive. Send little love, prayers, and flowers our way."


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 Not long after that, Ameer Gilani also announced via a video that he had caught the virus.

“Do you know when we quarantine ourselves?” he asked viewers before sharing the grim news. “When our Covid-19 test result comes out positive and mine has,” he said.

 He added:

“It has made me lose my sense of smell and taste. So I’m quarantining myself in my room."

He also said that it is a really hard time for him and his family and requested for prayers.

Just last week, news came of Usman Mukhtar contracting the Coronavirus as well.

Taking to Instagram, Mukhtar had shared, “Guys, I’ve been tested positive for Covid-19. Thankfully I am also tested positive for having awesome people like you to pray for my health.”

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak and Ameer Gilani’s diagnoses mean that the entertainment industry has clocked four coronavirus cases within a week, as singer Jawad Ahmad also announced his positive test last week.

We wish all these stars a swift recovery.

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