Amna Ilyas Also Contracted The Coronavirus

Pakistani actress and model Amna Ilyas, who came up with unique ideas for addressing social issues, has been infected with the coronavirus.

Amna Ilyas Also Contracted The Coronavirus
Amna Ilyas

Amna Ilyas informed her fans and followers that she contracted Covid-19 through an Instagram story.  

In her story, the actress and model wrote that her Covid-19 (Coronavirus) test came positive.

"I urge everyone around me and those who have met me in the past week to get their coronavirus tested," she added.

Amna Ilyas Insta Screen Shot

It may be recalled that the third wave of Coronavirus has emerged in Pakistan in the last week, and the number of corona cases in the country is also increasing rapidly.

The National Command Operations Center (NCOC) has also decided to close all business activities in the country till 8 pm because of the third wave of Corona.

Since the spread of Covid-19, many personalities associated with showbiz in Pakistan have also contracted Coronavirus, most of whom recovered at least 2 weeks and some a month and a half later.

This year, actors Ali Rehman and Ali Abbas were infected with the Coronavirus, while in December, actress Mahira Khan and legend writer Anwar Maqsood were diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Earlier, actor Behrooz Sabzwari was diagnosed with Corona in late November and was shifted to Zia-ud-Din Hospital in Karachi after his condition deteriorated, and he was discharged from the hospital on December 9.

A day before Behroze Sabzwari was discharged from the hospital, actress Neelam Munir had also confirmed that she had been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Before Neelam Munir, Corona was also diagnosed in host and assembly member Amir Liaqat and his wife, Tooba Amir.

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