Amna Ilyas Clears The Air About Her Viral Video

Amna Ilyas answered back to the backlash in a different way.

Amna Ilyas Clears The Air About Her Viral Video
Amna Ilyas

The well-known model turned actor Amna Ilyas is now using Instagram as a tool to give messages to society in a witty way. However, recently she faced severe backlash on her recent video. In the footage, Amna Ilyas was seen kicking a man on the head while attempting a popular internet kick challenge. Amna missed the aim of an apple which was placed over the man's head.

The model posted the video anyway, where she faced a strong counterblast. 

The model had to face severe criticism over the act; netizens called her out for a careless action that could have seriously injured the man. 

The Model Later Clarified Her “Kick-Off Challenge Gone Wrong” 

Amna Ilyas shared a video which was supposed to clear the misunderstanding about her “kick-off challenge” since the majority of people lashed out at her for a hideous act. It was good to see Amna Illyas finally clearing what exactly happened in the video; regardless she used her own way to explain the scenario. The video cleared out that the boy in the video was not any servant or worker, which people assumed, but it was Amna Ilyas's nephew, “Nigel”. It was good to see Amna Ilyas finally owning up her mistake for using “food” as an object to kick. Consequently, Amna Ilyas and her “nephew” expressed displeasure over the fact that people criticised her, assuming that she was hitting a “poor man” or “servant” just because of her skin colour. In reality, no one thought it could've been her nephew, relative or brother. 

Netizens are still not ready to accept this clarification and considering it as a lousy cover-up. 



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