An Upbeat Version of ‘Ishq’ Released by Ali Sethi

The singer gives a Summer Treat to His Fans

An Upbeat Version of ‘Ishq’ Released by Ali Sethi
An Upbeat Version of ‘Ishq’ Released by Ali Sethi

Pakistani singer Ali Sethi who has got a beautiful and soulful voice releases an upbeat version of his song ‘Ishq’ on Eid.

Earlier, he proclaimed to release a piano version of his song ‘Dil Lagaayein’ on the occasion of Eid which he later clarified in his Instagram post.

While giving the good news to his fans he wrote, "I know I said we’d release the #DilLagaayein piano mix on Eid, but this happened first!

The background of the song as per said by the singer, “I’ve always wanted to make a more upbeat version of ‘Ishq’, something you can play on a long, sultry drive... or while dancing (in your head!) with a deadly-beautiful beloved." 

The Gulon main Rang singer expressed his excitement by saying, "I love the new beat, it makes me want to set out on a journey of some sort, and those violins are like spikes in my heart (in a good way!). Please welcome Ishq, summer mix.”


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The upbeat number of ‘Ishq’ is beautifully mixed by Noah Georgeson and the singer gives full credit to him.

Amidst this current pandemic situation, going on a long summer drive with the song played out loud seems to be difficult due to the blockage of the roads.

Moreover, a dance with your beloved also seems impossible as we have to maintain social distancing. But surely you can enjoy the mesmerizing number at home and on repeat.