Angry, Annoyed, Or Just Hangry? (Part Two)

Tips To Minus Angry From Hangry

Angry, Annoyed, Or Just Hangry? (Part Two)

Darn it! Why isn’t that car moving forward? Why didn’t she keep the towel where I told her to? Why is he so annoying? You’re taking so much time to decide, I don’t feel like going anymore!

We discussed earlier on how feeling hungry can influence our emotions that is, make us feel annoyed, irritated, angry, or frustrated. This is called feeling hangry (hungry + angry = hangry). We also discussed how feeling hangry can make us blame our external environment as a reason for feeling the way we are. “I’m feeling angry. It’s all because of that lousy truck driver!”

Today we will discuss the ways in which we can ward off this hanger we are likely to feel when we are hungry:

Be aware – Being aware of our hunger may seem like the most basic thing to do but it can make all the difference! We may be hungry and starting to feel angry at someone’s words, suddenly feeling overwhelmed by a task deadline, or feeling frustrated by the heavy traffic we are stuck in. In these times if we take a step back from the situation and notice the state our stomach is in, it will help us realize that our stomach is part of why we are feeling a certain way. This awareness will empower us to still be ourselves, evenwhen we are hungry.

Angry Hulk

What if you can’t eat? Make your environment pleasant – There are times when we feel hungry but cannot eat right away! We may be on our way home, running an important errand, or have a stressful deadline to make up to. During these times hanger may be overtaking us but if we cannot have food then what do we do? Simple! Make it pleasant. Everyone has different ways of feeling pleasant and using these pleasant feelings can help prevent the hunger bias when one is in negative circumstances. As discussed before, negative situations act as cues to activate the hangry inside you. Therefore, we can listen to an interesting podcast while on our way home, or we can think of things that make us happy. The point is to inject things that make us feel positive to avoid negative cues from making you feel hangry.

Hungry vs Hangry

Pay attention to your hunger – Different people have different ways of feeling hungry. There are those who know they are hungry as soon as their energy needs refilling, and there are also those who know do not know they are hungry until they become completely famished! Paying attention to our hunger helps as we can then plan ahead. We can keep healthy foods in our lunch bags beforehand for the next day and plan to have foods such as protein-filled snacks. These can help us hold on the energy for a longer period of time and prevent us from getting overly hungry in the first place.

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