Are Frozen Dinners A Good Option?

Meal prepping in advance often leads to frozen dinners, especially when you have a busy life.

Are Frozen Dinners A Good Option?

Over the years, many adults have opted for meal prepping in advance only to refrigerate their food and have them right off the fridge whenever they want to have a meal.

This change in preference for frozen dinners over warm meals have been developed to cater to millennials’ busy lifestyles. Taking a day out and eliminating any time needed to heat the food, helps many people in keeping up with their busy schedules.

But the popularity of frozen meals has also raised health concerns for those consuming

Frozen Meals And Health

Remember the time we ate beef steak and grilled vegetables cold only to consume something warm soon after to forget the awful taste? Well, frozen meals have come a long way. They are now found in almost all supermarkets and have become huge seller. The best past – they also taste good and are packed with nutritious values only if chosen wisely.

Some frozen meals are high in sodium and fat, leading us consuming a lot of calories. It is important to note that freezing foods to be consumed later is not unhealthy but it depends on what we freeze.

Frozen Meals That Are Healthy

First thing first, a regular frozen meal should ideally be of 360 to 400 calories, unless you are looking to lose weight. In that case opt for the one that is less than 300 calories.

However, to help you with your frozen meals decision, here is a list you can choose from:

  • Chicken tandoori with spinach
  • Salmon with basil
  • Roasted vegetable lasagna
  • Oven-baked chicken fingers
  • Frozen oatmeal cups