Are Winter Blues Even Real?

Winter Blues Or Seasonal Affective Disorder

Are Winter Blues Even Real?

Experiencing sadness or depression in the winter season is so common. There was a rumour that the season has something in itself which brings negativity and ill feelings. Numerous people would call it a myth but now it has scientifically proved. According to the latest research it is detectable now that there are not just the vibes which makes us feel that way but rather a disorder. This disorder is named as seasonal affective disorder, SAD. The name itself portrays sadness. It gives the clear vision of the problem we face during the winter season.

winter blues

There are multiple reasons we feel SAD and it is not compulsory that every individual will experience the same. The research indicates that SAD is mostly noticed in women. As you must know that there are high risk factors in women comparatively to men who have more chances to develop psychological disorders.  Therefore, the countries having winters for almost half of the year are measured to have more mood affective disorders than the rest of the world.


The reason we experience blues is lack of sunlight. It is the structure of nature that in winter we are exposed to very less sunlight or more darkness. The treatment is obvious and it's no surprise that it would require more light. If you feel low, you must go outside, early yoga in the sunlight would be of great help. This happens because in winters we cover ourselves in blankets and lay in bed for hours and this could be the source for inviting more mood disorders. You have got to wake up before the bed monster eats you up. Get up, hydrate yourself, moisturize your skin, face the bare sunlight and rock on. 

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