Asim Azhar Helps A 20 Year Old And His Family In Their Hour Of Need

Asim Azhar Leaves Everyone Speechless With His Humanitarian Act

Asim Azhar Helps A 20 Year Old And His Family In Their Hour Of Need
Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar is a prominent Pakistani singer, songwriter, and actor who is reaching new heights with his music. His career started as a singer on YouTube, covering contemporary Western songs from where he received a lot of acclaims and came to the limelight as a public figure. 

Asim is making a name for himself in the music industry that is devoid of new talent and recently released the music video of his hit song, Tum Tum, followed by a new single called Soneya, for which he received a positive response and even started a TikTok challenge which went viral.

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The singer is very active on social media these days. Last week, he followed Pakistan vs England test match and tweeted about it as well. Apart from being a good musician, Asim Azhar cares deeply about Pakistan and its people. 

It is due to this fact that the singer requested the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to unban the famous online game PUBG in Pakistan so that teenagers and youngsters can get some entertainment during the lockdown. Asim Azhar led the fight for the unbanning of PUBG from the front and received a lot of praise for it.

However, what he did for the PUBG addicts pales in comparison to his amazing act last evening for which he left everyone speechless. Asim is more than just a singer and that was exemplified yesterday when he helped a 20-year-old person on Twitter who needed help with his grandmother's cancer treatment.


Asim saw this tweet and the cry for help from this youngster and came through for him, much to the amazement of everyone. The kid first asked everyone to come to the hospital and verify the case themselves in case they thought he was lying. 


Asim Azhar selflessly helped the kid in his hour of need and donated the money that was needed to help finance his grandmother's cancer treatment.


Osama was overwhelmed and thanked Asim Azhar for his generosity.


Asim simply replied with more prayers for Osama's ailing grandmother as people appreciated Asim Azhar's wonderful gesture.




Asim Azhar tweeted that he didn't want to show off but simply wanted to help a person in his hour of need. He said:

"Allah bohat barha hai. Har din hum jaise gunagaar logo ko achai ka mauqa deta hai. Mera maqsad hargiz kisi ko dikhana bilkul nahi hai leken ye zarur hai ke shayad koi aik banda bhi dekha dekhi mai aik aur achai karday. Isse behtar kuch nahi meri nazar mai." 


All the good superlatives would fall short for what Asim Azhar has done and we are very grateful for his humanitarian efforts. 

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