Asim Azhar Wants PTA To Unban PUBG In Pakistan

Asim Azhar Joins Hands With Waqar Zaka!

Asim Azhar Wants PTA To Unban PUBG In Pakistan
Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar is a prominent Pakistani singer, songwriter, and actor. He started his career as a singer on YouTube, covering contemporary Western songs before he became a public figure.

Asim is slowly making a name for himself in the music industry and recently released the music video of his hit song, Tum Tum, followed by a new single called Soneya, that garnered an overwhelming response from the music fraternity.

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The singer has now set his sight on another mission. As millions of people on Twitter trended #ImranKhanPUBGKholo, Asim Azhar also took to his Twitter and supported the cause. 

Previously, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority banned the online game and even after the Islamabad High Court (IHC) overturned the ban and asked PTA to unblock the online game, the PTA has chosen to keep it banned. 


However, the move has not gone down too well with Pakistanis who already have very limited opportunities for entertainment during this ongoing pandemic. Waqar Zaka was at the forefront of the mission to unban PUBG in Pakistan and now Asim Azhar has joined hands with him.

The singer took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets: 




 The Soneya and Tum Tum has high expectations from Prime Minister Imran Khan to overturn the decision and unban PUBG in the country.


Asim Azhar then proceeded to ask Waqar Zaka if he could be of any help whatsoever in overturning this decision by the PTA.


Another prominent YouTuber by the name of DuckyBhai replied to Asim Azhar's tweet:


Asim's long-time best friend Hania Amir also came to his aid and supported the cause:


Shamoon Ismail, who recently featured in Asim Azhar's Tum Tum music video, also tweeted in support of the hashtag.


We certainly hope that common sense prevails and PTA decided to overturn its decision regarding PUBG.

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