Atif Aslam Recites Asma-Ul-Husna in his Soulful Voice

The Singer lent his voice for a Coke Studio Special

Atif Aslam Recites Asma-Ul-Husna in his Soulful Voice

Leading Pakistani singer Atif Aslam rendered his voice to recite 99 attributes of Allah for a Coke studio Special.

We all are the admirers of Atif Aslam’s soulful voice, but he can use it to such perfection, we didn’t know it. Moreover, to hear such a beautiful thing in the Holy month of Ramadan is without any doubt, a blessing.

Earlier, we have listened Atif Aslam’s beautiful creation for Coke studio 8, Tajdar-e-Haram.  Fans completely loved that breathtaking performance by the melodious singer. Later on, he recited Wohi Khuda hai and then Call for Azaan which was completely endeared by the fans.

This time, Atif Aslam mesmerized everyone by reciting 99 names of Allah-Uz-Zuljalal. Coke studio just released Asma-Ul-Husna which you will definitely love after listening.

The recitation involves 24 voices from all across the country to ensemble a large acapella. The multilayered sounds cape started with the sounds of collision, noting the creation of the universe. Later, it was followed by the echoes of “Allah” taken from the Azaan of Makkah.

In order to further enhance the acapella, a unique arrangement of resonating Duff and choir arrangement which made the creation simply mesmerizing.

Amid these days of confinement, the recitation gives the message of endurance and patience as it ends with the name Al-Saboor.

The recitation is a full-package which has garnered million of hearts and appreciation. The famous composer and singer Zulfiqar jabbar Khan aka Xulfi has created this three and a half minute track. Asim Raza has given the direction for the video.

Well, it feels so good to see musicians rendering their voices for a beautiful cause. Though, the Aadat singer has earned global fame and respect but he is a proud Pakistani and a true Muslim. His devotion to his religion is simply visible by his soulful performance in this recitation.