Atiqa Odho Raises Voice To Provide An Affordable Judicial System For Underprivileged

She requested the state to provide an affordable system to them!

Atiqa Odho Raises Voice To Provide An Affordable Judicial System For Underprivileged
Atiqa Odho feels pain for the underprivileged!

Popular Pakistani actress and television host Atiqa Odho shares clips of a video message in which she raises her voice to provide an affordable judicial system for the underprivileged.  

Starting the video message, the 52-year-old actress thanked judicial magistrate Yasir Mehmood who announced the verdict in her favor after a long judicial battle.

Recalling the time spent circulating the courts where she witnessed the turmoil of the underprivileged; Odho requested the government to introduce an affordable system. She said in a heartbreaking tone that there should be a system where state can render help to those who cannot afford expensive lawyers. 

Giving the reason why it took so long to get justice, she disclosed that her case was politically motivated. In her previous interview she opened up and said, "As for the former CJP Iftikhar Chaudry, I feel so sorry for him. He lost a golden opportunity to serve our nation and instead played petty politics and ruined his own name and embarrassed our honorable judiciary."


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She also revealed the fact that unfortunately it is difficult for the lower courts to give any verdict when the higher courts have already given due to which it caused delay in her case. 

Speaking about the hardships which she had faced, the actress said, "It's been a long and painful journey but if it helps the citizens of Pakistan get quicker justice after this, it's all worth it." The Humsafar actress also urged people to keep faith in the judiciary and the judicial system like she did.

The best thing which she said in her video message was ‘Justice might have been delayed but it was not denied and that gives us hope in our judicial system.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, the actress is ready to help others who seek justice!

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