Atiqa Odho Shares Her Delight After Acquittal From Liquor Case

Atiqa Odho Says Justice Has Finally Been Served

Atiqa Odho Shares Her Delight After Acquittal From Liquor Case
Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho is a renowned name in the Pakistani entertainment and fashion industry. The television and film actress and television host has been enchanting the Pakistani audience for over three decades. She has expressed her delight after being acquitted from a case that has haunted her for the last nine years.

Due to lack of evidence, Atiqa Odho has finally been acquitted in a liquor possession case after nine years. She was accused of carrying two liquor bottles in her luggage at an airport. However, a Rawalpindi civil court has now acquitted her of any wrongdoing, much to her delight and satisfaction.

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The verdict was announced by Rawalpindi's judicial magistrate Yasir Chaudhry. In 2011, Atiqa Odho was detained by the Airport Security Force at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad for allegedly carrying two bottles of liquor in her luggage. The Chief Justice at that time, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry has taken a suo moto action and ordered the authorities to register an FIR against the actress. 

Atiqa Odho had always maintained that the case against her was completely fabricated and there were no grounds for her arrest as there was a clear lack of evidence of the incident. 

Atiqa Odho Shares Her Delight After Acquittal From Liquor Case

Now that she has finally been acquitted, a relieved and delighted Atiqa Odho took to the popular social media platform, Instagram, and posted a video with the caption:

"9 Years waited for #Justice and finally got it. Never lost hope on our #Judicial system and a brave magistrate finally did the honorable thing and accepted my acquittal appeal."

Atiqa Odho added that the past nine years have been painful but this acquittal is worth the trouble if it helps citizens of Pakistan get swift justice.

"It's been a long and painful journey but if it helps the citizens of Pakistan get quicker justice after this, it's all worth it."

She did not hold back when talking about then Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry, who ordered the authorities to register an FIR against her and made her go through this terrible ordeal.

"As for the former CJP Iftikhar Chaudry, I feel so sorry for him. He lost a golden opportunity to serve our nation and instead played petty politics and ruined his own name and embarrassed our honorable judiciary."

She concluded:

"The people have spoken so I don't need to say more. Pakistan Zindabad!"

Atiqa Odho, who also founded a successful cosmetics brand by the name of Odho Cosmetics, went live on Instagram and talked about her case acquittal, as well as the sequel to her hit drama, Pyaar Ke Sadqay.  


Talking about my case acquittal and piyar Kay sadqay season 2 !

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