Ayesha Omar and Sanam Saeed Say No To Promote Fairness Cream

Mahira Khan and Momina Mustehsan also reject the endorsement

Ayesha Omar and Sanam Saeed Say No To Promote Fairness Cream
Ayesha Omar and Sanam Saeed Say ‘No’ To Promote Fairness Cream

Societal-stereotypes are gaining strength one more time due to the recent happening movement ‘Black Lives Matter.'

The basis of the nuptials in South-Asian societies depends upon the skin color due to which different whitening creams are been endorsed.

On a recent trend on a micro blogging site Twitter, where BBC’s Haroon Rashid asked which celebrity has never endorsed any fairness brand.

 It left no clue then suddenly; Mahira Khan raised her hand and came up. She tweeted, “Been refusing ever since I was a VJ till now. Never endorsed a skin lightening product.”

Momina Mustehsan also seconded her and said, “Same here, Always turned down all fairness product endorsements. The amount of melanin in your skin has nothing to do with how beautiful you are. If we ALL responsibly refuse whitening endorsements, it might cause a shift in the market. We have the power to change the narrative.”

Famed actress Ayesha Omar also shared her stance and said, “Me! I have been refusing offers to endorse various skin whitening products since 12 years. Have a very strong stance against it.”

Actress Sanam Saeed has also turned down various offers to endorse skin whitening creams. Sanam sent an emoticon to show her hand rose up.

We appreciate these determined and courageous ladies for taking a bold initiative to turn down racism and stereotypes in the society.