Ayesha Omar Faces Backlash On Her Latest Tweet About Karachi Rain

The actress wrote Sindh and Karachi separately!

Ayesha Omar Faces Backlash On Her Latest Tweet About Karachi Rain
Ayesha Omar!

Famed Bulbulay actress Ayesha Omar faces massive backlash on her latest tweet as she wrote Sindh and Karachi separately.

Ayesha, who is country’s highest-paid actress and model, received resentment on her tweet. She shared her thoughts on the recent situation of the metropolitan city due to the downpour. The tweet said, “Ya Allah please protect and save #Sindh and #Karachi from more devastation the #rain might bring us. Can’t expect anything from the authorities. We need to come forward and help each other in any and every way. #KarachiRain.”

Within minutes, tweets started hitting with prayers and asking the government to take safety measures and necessary steps. Famous anchor Maria Memon also tweeted,"Epic level of shamelessness where literally no one is ready to take ownership of this mess in Karachi. Sab ek doosray pey daalo!" 

Meanwhile, a netizen retweeted and said, "Sindh and Karachi" -You are saying as if they are different...”

Another user tweeted, “What is Karachi and Sindh? Karachi is part of Sindh.”

Ayesha replied calmly to the netizen and recalled that she is a Karachi-born, “Yes I’m aware of that. I was born in Karachi. And I live here.”

Another user trolled her for saying Sindh and Karachi separately, "Karachi is in Sindh. Propaganda of Urdu Media has already killed the diversity of the land. Further artists like you should be sensitized enough with your words."

Ayesha didn't stop there in raising her voice. She tweeted, "I’m heartbroken for my city and for its people. My people. I want answers."

However, there is no respite for the civilians as Pakistan Meteorological Department has forecasted that it will rain till Tuesday. 

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