Ayesha Omar Opens Up About Dealing With Harassment And Assault Once Again

Ayesha Omar Talks About Her Past Struggles

Ayesha Omar Opens Up About Dealing With Harassment And Assault Once Again
Ayesha Omar

It's not easy for women to even breathe, let alone live freely in today's patriarchal society, without getting judged for something or the other. Every single day, we hear news and stories of girls getting harassed, raped, and even murdered at the hands of sickening individuals in our society. 

Such stories only come to light after heinous crimes are committed but there are no steps taken to avoid such crimes in the first place. Ayesha Omar has always been very vocal about women's empowerment and has been an advocate of getting the Me Too movement to spread in Pakistan. She believes that women should have the courage to come forward with their stories and only then can steps be taken to wipe out the harassers and assaulters who hide in sheep's clothing among us.

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Ayesha Omar is leading from the front and is walking the talk as she left everyone heartbroken and speechless during an international interview recently. In this interview, Ayesha talked about her past struggles with harassment and assault.

Ayesha Omar Opens Up About Dealing With Harassment And Assault Once Again

During her Instagram interview with an international news outlet, Ayesha Omar, along with a number of other prominent figureheads touched upon the rampant issue of rape and harassment within Pakistan and even dived into detail regarding the victim-blaming mentality that is heavily rooted within the crux of the culture.

The video began with Ayesha reiterating a number of questions that usually sprout up in people’s minds, some of which include, "What was she doing, what was she wearing, what did she say, how did she act?"

Other superstars also popped up for a cameo in the video, adding how people "Blame the woman for being irresponsibly leaving her house a later hour" and constantly ask, "Well, why did you go to the market alone, why did you not cover yourself up properly?"

Ayesha Omar posted the video on Instagram and captioned it:

"If we all come together, there will be change. I have faith in my country."

She added:

"May we keep standing up for ourselves and the oppressed, against the patriarchy and misogyny around us, fighting for change and expose the sick mindsets that enable rape and harassment culture. It’s time to speak up. It’s time to press reset. It’s time to talk."

The Bulbulay actress previously went on record with the Me Too Movement figurehead, Rose McGowan, and shared her harrowing experience with harassment and assault. She said:

"A huge powerful man, twice my age. I had just entered the industry, I was this young 23-year-old, fresh out of college, and bam, this started happening. And it went on for years. It wasn't a one-off incident, and I just didn't want to process it. I put in a box, and I said okay, this is happening in my life, I have to deal with it.”

This shows how rotten the entertainment industry is and how it needs quick and effective reforms so that young and aspiring women do not have to deal with this kind of monstrosity in the future.


. In 2017, Rose McGowan decided to break the silence about Hollywood and one of the most powerful men in it, Harvey Weinstein. She decided to tell her story to the world. Did the world believe her? Not really. As is the case with most silence breakers. “Time” magazine, though recognised her as one of the Silence Breakers and their Person of the year, for speaking out about sexual harassment/assault. Soon after, several other actresses started sharing their stories of assault by the same monster. Her book “Brave” tells her story in her own voice. A singular voice that stands in a large arena full of women with similar stories of assault and rape. . In my eyes, Rose is one of the bravest women in the world today. I have watched several of her interviews and the way she articulates her feelings, emotions and thoughts is mesmerising. She hits the nail on the spot. Every single time. Rose is also an angry woman. A woman who allows herself to feel and feels no need to justify her emotions to anyone. Her fight is to allow all women in society to feel angry for what they have been through. For what they have been made to go through. Two years ago, I finally allowed myself to acknowledge and talk about my own sexual harassment story by a powerful monster, twice my age. When Rose agreed to go live with me, I felt I was dreaming. It was unreal. I thought non-stop about everything that I wanted to ask her, everything that I wanted to tell her about Pakistan. But she’s been asked everything and she’s answered everything.... that’s why I decided to chat with Rose about how she is doing right now, at this moment in her life, let the conversation flow freely.... and it did... it was real and honest, probably uncomfortable for some.... I did think of some solid questions to ask but never got around to them... they are all still floating in my head. We plan to go live again in a week, and this time go deeper into the various layers and constructs of societies all over the world. Would love for you all to join. Until next time folks! ????????‍♀️✨❤️ . . #ayeshaomar #rosemcgowan #metoo #feminism #feminist #womensupportingwomen #timesup #speakup #crazy #keepitreal #hereandnow

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When brave celebrities like Ayesha Omar speak up about their harrowing past experiences, it gives young girls the power to speak up as well.

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