Azaan Sami Khan's First Album Title Song 'Main Tera' Released

Singer, musician, and actor Azaan Sami Khan's first solo music album, 'Main Tera' title song has been released.

Azaan Sami Khan's First Album Title Song 'Main Tera' Released
Azaan Sami Khan's First Album

The son of singer Adnan Sami and actress Zeba Bakhtiar said in an Instagram post last week that he would soon release his first solo album.

Azan Sami Khan had said that his first music album will be released in the last week of February, but the title song of the album will be released on February 10.

Now the album 'Mein Tera' has been released, which is being appreciated by the fans.

'Mein Tera' has been released on Valentine's Day, and this song is a gift for Azaan Sami Khan's fans.

Although the song features romantic scenes from Bollywood and Hollywood movies, the romance between Azaan Sami Khan and Canadian-born Pakistani model Maheen Siddiqui is much appreciated in the music.

'Mein Tera' is directed by Ehteshamuddin, while the song's music is composed by Indian composer Maghdib Bose.


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After the song was released, many fans called Sami Khan a copy of his father and said that he looked exactly like his father's youth in the video.

Azaan Sami Khan's first solo album will be released in the last week of this month, including 9 songs.

The music album includes' Mein Tera, Mahiya, Dholna, Jadogri, Aashiqui, Mere Sajna Re, Zama, To and other songs.

Regarding the album, Azaan Sami Khan told last week that he has worked hard on his first music album, and he has worked with 63 musicians and technical staff members from 5 countries to make his album a better gift for the listeners.

He said that besides Pakistan, musicians and technicians from India, Turkey, Macedonia, and the United Kingdom have worked with him to make his first music album memorable for the audience.

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