Baby Shark Breaks Records For Most Watched Video Ever!

Baby Shark Has Crossed Despacito In Popularity

Baby Shark Breaks Records For Most Watched Video Ever!
Baby Shark

If you have a kid in the house or friends, or neighbors or relatives, you’ve heard of this catchy children’s rhyme called baby shark.

This rhyme is recorded by a South Korean company Pinkfong and has recently become the most-watched video ever on YouTube.

The baby shark song has been played approximately 7.04 billion times, beating the record set by a Spanish song Despacito that was collaboration between singers Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi.

The company Pinkfong estimated to have made about $5.2m from YouTube streaming. The channel also has a couple of other videos named baby shark dance etc and of course baby shark has its own merchandise!

The song was originated in 1970s, just around Steven Spielberg’s jaw released and took the world by a storm. Since then there have been many renditions and variations of this rhyme. However, for this specific rhyme video it took almost 4 years to reach the most played list on YouTube.

There are also international versions - including the French Bebe Requin and the German Kleiner Hai (Little Shark), which found some popularity in Europe in 2007.

This song is so addictive that not only kids but also adults alike can’t help humming it. This addiction took a whole new level when they became a craze in South Korea, where popular bands like Red Velvet, Girls' Generation and Black pink started incorporating it into their concerts.

How can we forget the #BabySharkChallenge by Pinkfong, just after the choreography video of baby shark was out this challenge came into place, with everyone from Indonesian farmers to celebrities Cardi B, Ellen, Kardashian sisters taking up the challenge. Another video of how big this song has become surfaced on the internet a few months ago when protestors stopped a car but soon realized there was a baby in it and do make the most of his time and theirs, the entire pack of protesters started singing baby shark to amuse the baby and stop it from crying.

This song has surely made its place in the latest pop culture.

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