Baking Soda As A Makeup Hack By Nadia Hussain

Skincare Tips By Nadia Hussain

Baking Soda As A Makeup Hack By Nadia Hussain
Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain is a superstar from the glittering fashion industry of Pakistan. A woman of substance, she is the epitome of womanhood par excellence and that is evident from the fact that she is a successful entrepreneur apart from being a prominent supermodel, actress, television show host, and a fashion icon.

Whatever the venue and whatever the circumstances, Nadia Hussain represents a true picture of beauty, grace, and professionalism that has been the hallmark of her career. 

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Nadia Hussain is very active on social media and she recently started her official YouTube channel which features makeup, skincare, and fitness tutorials. Nadia Hussain believes that every person is beautiful and she follows her passion with hard work and dedication.

A belief that every woman has a right to look and feel beautiful motivated the superstar to launch her official YouTube channel, which has now crossed over 200,000 subscribers, which is a testament to how well her videos are received by the audience.

Baking Soda As A Makeup Hack By Nadia Hussain

In her latest video on YouTube, Nadia Hussain uses Baking Soda as a makeup hack and the result comes out wonderfully well for her. The best thing about her videos is that she uses all these tips and tricks on her own face so that people are not hesitant to try it on their own faces.

Nadia Hussain describes it as a different and unique video as she uses a kitchen powder such as baking soda to set her foundation. 


The skincare tutorial is already a hit with the audience. 

Nadia Hussain also owns a bridal salon by her name and her expertise in fashion designing and makeup are second to none.

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