Batman Trailer Released: Fans Laud Robert Pattinson

The Batman Tailer is in town!

Batman Trailer Released: Fans Laud Robert Pattinson
The Batman!

The first trailer of the Batman series is out and seems pretty intriguing as it reveals Robert Pattinson as a cape crusader who seeks vengeance.

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Bringing back the life of Gotham City, director Matt Reeves introduced the new Batsuit and Batmobile at the virtual event on Saturday. 

Giving an insight into the story, Reeves said, “The idea is that we're in YouTube. It's the Gotham experiment, it's a criminal experiment he's trying to figure out what he can do that can finally change this place. In our story, he's in that mode that's where you meet him and you see that he is charting what he's doing and it seems that he's not having any of the effect that he wants to have yet and that is when the murders start to happen and then the murders begin to describe sort of the history of Gotham in a way that only reinforces what he knows about constant. It opens up a whole new world of corruption that went much farther."

Adding more to his story, the director said, “You start to see this epic history of corruption and gossip, that you start to understand well. I think all of that is a way to take a story that is a detective story at every point of view. It's got action, all that kind of stuff, but at the end of it is incredibly personal for him.”


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The first-ever trailer left no choice for the fans but to share their views on social media as they were left awestruck. A journalist Keith Demko said in his tweet,"Of course the world doesn't need another #Batman, but I knew #RobertPattinson would be great, and new trailer certainly doesn't do anything to make me doubt it . .enjoy!"

Another twitter user wrote, "I shared the Batman trailer with one of the two most important women in my life last night. As you all know, I didn't like it, but she immediately wrote back: "YAASSS BATMAN" So, it could be I'm just a grump who hates fun."  

Earlier this week, Matt Reeves took his twitter handle to share the official logo of the Batman series. 

The Batman is slated to fly into the theatres on October 1, 2021 and the shooting will resume in September 2020 after being halted since March the same year. 

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