Beat The Heat This Summer With These 4 Simple Ways

With the heatwave upon us, try these four ways to stay cool and energized.

Beat The Heat This Summer With These 4 Simple Ways
Beat The Heat This Summer With These 4 Simple Ways

The summer season has begun and so has the occurrence of the heatwave in Pakistan. The scorching heat and humidity is making it impossible to go outdoors even for those grocery runs amid lockdown.

According to the weather forecast, the heat is only going to intensify as we enter the months of June and July.

There is also no place to go to beat the heat as access to swimming pools and beaches are currently barred due to the partial lockdown.

However, we still can make the most of what we have by following these four simple ways:

1. Drink More Water

This is one of the most obvious ways but we still tend to forget to do just that.

We sweat a lot in the summers and as a result lose a lot of body water. So, it is important to fill our natural water cooler, by drinking a lot of water – at least eight glasses a day.

2. Avoid Going Out

If you like strolling through the streets, then it is time to put a stop at this behavior for the entire summer. We do not only mean avoid going out when the sun is out, but avoid going out during the hot and humid nights as well.

Being exposed to the heat often makes us sweat excessively, dipping our energy levels.

3. Say No To Hot Foods

Foods like a hot soup amplify the effects of the heat outside. So it is best to avoid eating such food and consume warm or cold food instead.  

4. Know Your Cooling Points

Sometimes we find ourselves trapped in places where we are exposed to heat and cannot find a nearby cooling place. In such times, it is important to know our body’s cooling points, such as, the wrist and the neck.

Take cold water or ice and gently massage the points to cool off your body quickly.