Beautify Your Home On A Bud Get

Spend Lessto Have A Beautiful Home!

Beautify Your Home On A Bud Get
Home Decor

Not happy with the way your home looks. A lot of us want to renovate or redecorate to make our home look like that picture in IKEA ads, however budget constraints usually prevent us in doing so. Not anymore! We round up a few ideas to make your home look stylish on a budget.

Lighting Is A Game Changer

It is always a good idea to have three sources of light in each room.  Basically lighting (can be on the walls or a hanging), specific lighting (like for late night reading or a table) and surrounding (candles or decorative). Next step is choosing the right shade, where white shades let more light through but set a colder tone while coloured shades a warm colour of shades.

Adding a dimmer allows you to change the mood of the room depending on the time of the day lastly, its always a great idea to light the darker corners of your home which include areas like shelves, kitchen counters and foyers.

Don’t Forget The Floors

Good flooring adds elegance to your home but getting wooden floors or expensive tiles tend to limit our choices. Not anymore! There are much cheaper options available in the market now laminate and vinyl flooring are more affordable and they give the house a sophisticated stylish and warm look. However it may not be a very good idea to extend this flooring to the Kitchen as these floors should not get wet. Adding simple and affordable rugs would add colour and elegance to the room.

Home Decor

Wondrous Walls

  You don’t need expensive paint on your walls to give that extra touch to your home. Choosing to paint one wall in the room can make the room look richer. However you should keep in mind that color combinations in a room is a gesture of artistry and requires some sort of thought process. Things to keep in mind when choosing the wall is that the wall can be chosen to highlight an architectural feature or a piece of furniture in the room. Some interior experts also term the ceiling as a fifth wall and that can also be an option.

 The proper use of two paints in a room can add subtle elegance or impactful visual contrast to the overall feel of the room. The colours don’t have to come from the same family and remember that lighter colours will give illusions of space so its recommended to use lighter tones for smaller rooms while darker colours make the room feels smaller and cozier.

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