Beauty Secrets and Healthy Skin Tips By Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer reveals the magic ingredients of her healthy skin

Beauty Secrets and Healthy Skin Tips By Jennifer Aniston
Beauty Secrets and Healthy Skin Tips By Jennifer Aniston

One face in Hollywood industry that is loved globally for her wit, grace, brilliance and style is Jennifer Aniston.

Despite of her age defying beauty at 51, the actor seems quite fit and can be seen as a beauty icon.

Fans admire the way she carries herself and manages to look as young and captivating since her first appearance on the big screen.

To take out the secret of her beauty, some reports have now dug deep on what’s happening behind the actor’s beauty regime.

The ‘We are the millers’ star revealed that SPF is a key factor of her beauty as she takes special care on sunscreen and keeps herself protected. Moreover, she uses double sunscreen products to ensure complete protection. 

During an earlier interview with Forbes Jennifer said, "I've been taking a break from the sun for the last couple of years and that might be a permanent one." 

The FRIENDS starlet also follows a strict practice of a weekly spa where she applies masks, scrubs and hydrating facials. She said, "I leave it on overnight and when I wake up I have that dewy, glowing, twinkling skin.”

Well, it is impossible to desire a healthy skin without maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By saying healthy lifestyle we meant to say a good diet and tight sleep to keep the body fit and in shape.

Jen opened up further about her breakfast routine and says that she starts off her day with full of Vitamin C intake in the form of shakes. Shapes Magazine published Jennifer’s secret ingredients from which she gets the glow: “Spinach, protein powder, maca powder, berries and Vitamin C powder.”

The actress lays emphasis on water intake and sleeping habits and titled them as the magic ingredients for her glowing and perfect skin.