Before Hitting The Screens “Dhoop Ki Deewar ” Facing Extreme Criticism

Dhoop ki deewar was called out for a ban right after the release due to the story line.

Before Hitting The Screens “Dhoop Ki Deewar ” Facing Extreme Criticism
Dhoop Ki Deewar

The web series featuring Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir just got the critical back lash from responders.
Basically, the issue that fell here was that it’s over all a cross border romance that involves the patriotic feelings of the families as well. The plot revolves around the lovers from Pakistan and India and their struggle during the rising tension between two states. The trailer also featured the clashes on the line of control. 

#BanDhoopKiDeewar was too trending on Twitter

Right after the release of trailer people called for a ban on Dhoop ki Deewar. 

sajal aly

The issue that occurred was the story line, people were putting allegation of betrayal to the two nation theory and disregarding the Kashmir issue. The fingers were pointed to the writer Umera Ahmed. People accused the writer for doing it to gain fame across the border or getting funded from India. 

Umera Ahmed Defended Her Work 

The writer revealed that ISPR “Okayed “ this content. 

In series of post the writer came in front to clarify this situation that has arisen about the latest web series. It’s truly said to be labelled as betrayer, the writer is doing her best to clear out this issue by her posts that says, “Dhoop ki Deewar is not about the Kashmir crisis." In another post she said, “Even if it mentions Kashmir it’s because of the location, as most of our soldiers (Pakistani and Indian) are fighting on the line of control." She added that she hold the same sentiments about the Kashmir issue as much as any Pakistan would and it should be solved at the United Nations. She further clarified that she sent the scripted for approval of ISPR at Inter Services Public Relations. 



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