Ben Affleck to Continue as ‘Batman’

AT&T and Warner Media announces the release of Batman’s series in 2021

Ben Affleck to Continue as ‘Batman’
Ben Affleck to Continue as ‘Batman’

Rumors swirl around on social media about Ben Affleck to continue his character as Batman.  

Ben Affleck who has played the character for Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, has a picture-perfect physique for the role and a sense of dashing charisma that all other Bat-actors lacked or underplayed.

Earlier this week, DC proclaimed the release of Snyder’s version of Justice League next year.

Sources speculated that AT&T which is expected to release HBO Max Streaming service and Warner Bros. wishes Ben to continue the role as Batman. The script of this Batman series reveals that the superhero will face Deathstroke which is played by actor Joe Manganiello.

The Warner Media and AT&T wants Ben to resume his character for the original script of ‘The Batman’ which will feature Batman vs Deathstroke.

Posts started to pour in to inquire about Ben Affleck’s role as Batman. In reply to the post AT&T gave hint and tweeted, “Who knows what the future holds?” 

Though, it is true that Ben Affleck has given a solid performance in the Batman series and is now best known as 'Bat-Fleck' among his fans.

Pictures circulated on internet as Ben Affleck is also captured on the sets of Batman series. 

Well, it is probably a difficult question to ask that which Batman actor is the best as it is hard to argue about each one’s performance in their respective parts.