Bilal Abbas’ Haider Makes You Want To Be A Better Man!

Dunk keeps on getting better due to Haider’s turmoil!

Bilal Abbas’ Haider Makes You Want To Be A Better Man!
Bilal Abbas

There are both good people and bad people in this world, however, the best ones are those who realize their mistake and turn over a new leaf. They could be either good or bad, but their self-analysis makes them stand apart from the rest. Bilal Abbas’s Haider in ARY Digital’s Dunk is one such character who began the drama as the main antagonist, realizes his mistake in the middle, and is now being punished for doing the right thing.

What makes Haider worth discussing in a multi-starrer drama?

Usually in a TV play, the spotlight is on the main leads and the villain but Dunk is not the usual run-of-the-mill kind of drama. Here, every character is important, be it that of the boy’s father (Shahood Alvi), his younger brother (Saife Hasan) who is also the girl’s dad, and their eldest sister (Gul e Rana) who rules the two households with an iron fist. Add to that the extended cameo by Naumaan Ijaz, and you have a star-studded drama on your hands. In the presence of such veterans, Bilal Abbas manages to make his own place with his perfect portrayal of a remorseful youngster who backed the wrong person and realized his error after it was too late.

Is this Bilal Abbas’s Best Performance ever!

It might well be at par with his brilliant portrayal of Wajih in Cheekh two years back; he was the unsuspected person turned evil in the play, and here it is the exact opposite. In the first few episodes here, everyone 'labeled' him as the evil-doer, the boy who must have made his fiancée (Sana Javed) frame the professor so that his act of sending indecent messages to a female professor goes unnoticed. However, when he realizes that the professor was on the right side and it was his own girlfriend who was misrepresenting the facts, he calls off his wedding at the last minute and lets his elder brother marry the girl, who happens to be their first cousin too. With so much happening around him, Haider’s love life takes the back seat because all he wants to do is apologize to the professor’s daughter for his errors, the one that made her father take his own life.

Why is Haider a different kind of character currently on TV?

His parents hate him, his friends don’t understand him and he was even kicked out of the house on his wedding day; that’s a day in the life of Bilal Abbas’ Haider for you. Even then, the remorse he shows on the screen, the way he takes the lead at the professor’s funeral and stays at the graveyard till the end, that’s what makes him stand out from other characters. All he cares about is one mistake, which made him turn over a new leaf, and only Bilal Abbas could have done justice to such a complex character. He didn’t overdo the character, keeps the audience interested with his subtlety, and doesn’t bore you because of his diverse expressions, which are the highlight of his character.

How should Haider’s story in Dunk end?

He was most happy when he was around Amal, his fiancée but ever since learning the truth about her, he is a changed man. He clashes with his father, the same father in front of whom he promised to never let Amal go; he prefers to mind his own business and hopes that one day his ‘sentence’ would end. For that, he would have to apologize to the young girl he traumatized when he beat her father in front of her; with her not preferring to be in the same room with him, that seems a little difficult. One hopes that he finds peace in any way which he can and ends up with the kind of person who understands him, helps him return to the good books of his family, and become the man he wants to be, not the one he used to be.

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