Bilquis Edhi Praises Imran Ashraf For His Brilliant Performance In Raqs-e-Bismil

The humanitarian can not get enough of Moosa’s character in Raqs e bismil.

Bilquis Edhi Praises Imran Ashraf For His Brilliant Performance In Raqs-e-Bismil
Imran Ashraf And Sarah Khan

A recent video that surfaced on internet where Bilquis Edhi looks truly adorable where she is praising the drama lead of Raqs-e-Bismil. The popular actor and heart throb Imran Ashraf is overwhelmed after Bilquis Edhi complimented him. 

Imran Ashraf

In a video shared by Imran Ashraf, Bilquis Edhi said, “I really like him,” she added “I have been watching Moosa over and over again.” Moosa, Is a character played by Imran Ashraf in the show Raqs-e-Bismil, it showcases the life of a conservative middle aged man carrying forward his father's patriarchal traditions by oppressing the women in his family. But his life changes when he falls in love with Zohra (Sarah Khan), a performer at private parties. 

Sarah Khan

Imran Ashraf came forward to react over the appreciation from Bilquis Edhi and admiration of his character in the show. He expressed that it’s like an award on its own and penned down some heartfelt words for the philanthropist. 

“Receiving prayers and being admired by one the greatest humanitarians of all time, Mrs Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mrs Bilquis Edhi sahiba, is an award on its own and a blessing of God. You are among His favourite humans so may he keep you healthy and happy.”

The highly passionate episode of the drama “Raqs-e-Bismil” aired last week and gained nearly a 10 million view on YouTube in a short time. The viewers were overwhelmed with the unexpected happy ending of the show and charismatic chemistry between Sarah Khan and Imran Ashraf. Fans have fallen in love with the final episode of their favourite show and couldn’t resist praising this fine drama and the work of Imran Ashraf. 

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