Bingsu in the Big City

Karachiites New Dessert Obsession!

Bingsu in the Big City

Karachiites have found a new food obsession.. *drum rolls*.. Korean food! How can you tell? With Karachiites binging on bowls of flaming-hot ramen, local restaurants whipping up special Korean rice bowls and Korean Fried chicken and dumplings being the ‘new comfort food’, the obsession with Korean cuisine is getting quite serious. What completes this food fixation is a dessert serving, and that’s when Bingsu makes a star entry.

A cosy stop nestled at the bustling Nishat radiates a soothing blue - and this is where folks, your cold desserts fantasies come true with gorgeous bowls of Bingsu.

So what is ‘Bingsu?’

It is a popular Korean dessert which is made from ice-shavings of frozen condensed milk and topped with flavours - syrups, creams, fresh fruits, nuts and more. Insider info: yes they actually have a machine in the kitchen which shaves ice into these beautiful desserts which are dressed with flavours.

Here is a breakdown of flavours we tried and how we feel about them:

Nutty Nutella 
This one was a perfect balance of nutty flavours melding with Nutella - neither overpowering the other. It is super creamy and topped with tiny chunks of nuts that add little crunch when you chew.

Imagine an ice-coffee dessert with a stronger shot of caffeine - but it's a dessert and just better! It feels like eating a frappe. Eating Bingsu tricks you into thinking you are having ice cream, except that you are not. You are eating meticulously, machine-shaved ice and it's so much better. With delicious shavings of chocolate and coffee syrup, this one is a treat you can’t miss!

Strawberry Cheesecake
It is sweet, feels-satin smooth on the tongue and yes very much like a cheesecake. It gives the perfect balance of strawberries, cream and sugary syrup. Plus the dressings of freshly-cut strawberries just melt in your mouth!

Super economical with good value for money! 
A single bowl with good serving is priced at Rs 450/-
A bigger bowl that serves 2 or more people is priced at Rs 650/-

Have you tried Bingsu? Share your reviews in the comments below!

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