Blind British Pakistani girl brought tears in eyes at British Got Talent show

Sirine Jahangir mesmerized everyone by her soulful performance at the reality show

Blind British Pakistani girl brought tears in eyes at British Got Talent show
Sirine Jahangir performing live on the stage of British Got Talent

The news came just in from London, a British Pakistani singer Sirine Jahangir, 14, gave a beautiful performance on the stage of the reality show British Got Talent. Her soulful voice and the unique vocals made everyone emotional including the judges and the audience who gave standing ovation for the mind blowing performance.

On Saturday, Sirine who lost her sight completely in both eyes but pursued her dream for music performed in front of the world. She opened up before the performance and said,” So it’s pretty obvious that I can’t see. There was a time when I could and now I can't..  but I guess music is my vision and that's what I live by. It’s like it's my thing.”

As she was performing on Gabrielle’s Aplin’s “Salvation”, her younger brother and mother were caught on the camera where their teary eyes can be seen.

At the end of the mesmerizing performance, Judge David William commented, “Well done Sirine. What you couldn’t see was the whole of the Palladium on their feet applauding you because they loved that."

Famous singer Alesha Dixon appreciated Sirine on her spellbind performance and said, “What a sweet, sweet girl you are, my heart is just melting. You are so nervous but it’s completely understandable because it’s such a massive deal and you sang beautifully."

Amanda Holden comments were, “I just found the entire audition so poignant, so beautiful and you just exude lightness, it was just brilliant."

Well, it was Simon Cowell’s turn for the comments, in which he first asked the teenager why she is nervous.

The 14-year-old replied, "I only do school performances so this is something completely new and being able to sing right now is such a big opportunity and I don't want to waste it."

Cowell added further after listening to her reply, “"Good for you, I think I should be the first person to say yes."

The show continued in full swing after Sirine’s performance but no other contestant can bring up the audience and judges on their feet.

Sirine is the granddaughter of Imran Khan’s oldest friend Sahibzada Jahangir. He is also PM’s spokesperson on Trade and Investment in UK and Europe.